Drs Walter Creemers
Drs Walter CreemersDental Surgeon
University of Amsterdam/Netherlands
1980-1988 private clinic in Amsterdam
1989-today private clinic in Athens/Greece together with wife DDS Alexandra Markopoulou and son Mathieu Creemers DMD and daughter Apolonia Ilona Creemers, actress, journalist as clinic manager and dental tourist manager public relation director
2016 Private Studio Corfu
  • Besides working in his own clinics, throughout the years he has worked internationally in private clinics located in Europe, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain and Greece.

  • He specializes in Advanced Dental Implantology.

  • He is a Cerec cad-cam expert.

  • Is Specialized in Robotic Dentistry.

  • Highly trained in 3D CBCT radiology.

  • Expertise in Digital Future Dentistry.

  • He is a Ceramist with his own dental lab and equipment for all ceramic prosthetics like eMax veneers, crowns, Zirconium constructions with eMax porcelain and Full contour Zirconium construction.

  • Trained in advanced dental therapies and fast solutions for maximum patient comfort.

  • Organizer and contributor of Dental Tourism in Greece.

DDS Alexandra Markopoulou
DDS Alexandra MarkopoulouDental Surgeon
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Aesthetic dentistry
DMD Mathieu Creemers
DMD Mathieu CreemersDental Surgeon
Comenius University of Bratislava
Aesthetic dentistry
Zoom bleaching
Gum rejuvenation / Gum recontouring
Facial Aesthetics, Hyaluronic Acid injectable fillers
Botox for Facial aesthetics and gummy smile solutions
Ilona Creemers
Ilona CreemersDental Clinic Manager
Public relations

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