We do full mouth reconstructions to treat all the dental problems that are present in the mouth, like decay, fillings, extractions, root canal treatments, crowns and bridges.

Our Dental Team has experience in creating solutions to all cases. And we are trained to do it fast!

Our goal is to establish mostly stable prosthetic constructions, so you can through away your removable dentures.

Why? Because the quality of life begins when you can enjoy your dinner without restrictions or limitations.

Full mouth reconstructions are diagnosed by 3D Radiologic X-rays, like CBCT Cone Beam Computer Tomography of upper and lower jaws.

With the newest equipments we provide,the radiation doses are as low as possible. To understand: In an airplane flight of more than 1 hour one receives more radiation from the sky than with a CBCT scan.

CBCT scans give the dentists nowadays not only all necessary information in 3 dimensions, which means we now can indeed look inside the jawbone and make the correct diagnoses. We can also use this extensive information to digitally plan the treatment.

Often we can provide the final restorations even before we have looked inside the mouth.

In this way for example we prepare surgical guides for computer guided implant placement. This means that we can place implants without surgery and we can have the prosthetics available on the day of the surgery.

This also means that a patient with removable dentures will have new fixed teeth instantly.

This is what we call: Teeth in one day.

Creemers dental team provides this very Advanced Dental Technology.