A severely damaged,broken or decayed tooth may create cosmetic imperfections, become a source of sensitivity, or lead to significant pain.                Porcelain crowns are designed to reinforce and restore the structural integrity of a tooth, while preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. With this procedure we can prevent the need for a tooth extraction. When a root canal is necessary to improve the health of the tooth, a porcelain crown can be used to strengthen the tooth structure, while also rejuvenating its appearance. A porcelain crown may be the ideal solution for patients who seek to restore both the function and aesthetics of a damaged or decayed tooth.In cases where more than one teeth is damaged a porcelain bridge can be constructed made of emx porcelain or zirconium for bigger constructions, a tooth colored material with superior values of strength.Metal free prosthetic aesthetic  solutions with robotic dentistry procedures in our in-house dental lab for high quality fast treatments.

Advantages of E max Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown offers the dual advantages of supporting a compromised tooth and enhancing the beauty of the smile. Additional benefits of quality porcelain dental crowns can include:

Improved structural integrity, strength, and durability

Protection from further damage

Restored anatomical shape

Improved aesthetic appearance

Natural looking results

Porcelain Crowns Procedure

During the consultation process, we will  determine if a porcelain crown is best suited for your unique situation. Each porcelain crown is custom-made to deliver maximum function, an optimal appearance, and comfort. After creating a mold of the affected tooth we use cad cam dentistry in our in-house dental lab in order to provide the best suited crown for you in a just a few minutes. The color of the crown can be made to match the shade of your surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. Once the crown is bonded to the affected tooth, the form and function of the tooth will be fully restored.