Creemers Dental Center is specially organized and trained to work with foreigners that would like to combine a short holiday with the treatment of their dental problems.

Our Team speaks fluently 5 european languages Greek, English, Dutch,German and Italian and we are for many years experienced in working with Business men and Embassy Diplomats from all over the world. We have trained ourselves to work fast and efficient with HighTech Equipment in the state of the art facilities.

“Dental Tourists” choose for this treatment option as costs for bigger dental treatments in their home country is much more expensive and it takes much longer.
Creemers Dental Center cooperates with international organizations in “Dental Tourism” and makes these patients save time and money ,enjoying simultaneously a great stay in beautiful Greece and leaving the country with a beautiful smile.

Special pricelist for Dental Tourists.

Patients must send us Panoramic Xrays and eventually if needed Photographs of their dentition.
Full mouth reconstructions are well planned before arrival of the patients and patients will be analitically informed of the treatment plan , how fast it can be and the final costs.

For Full Mouth Reconstuctions and Smile Makeovers we have special budget prices and have also included travel costs per person.

Conebeam Computer tomograph CBCT150€
Consultation/Diagnosis/Treatment Plan Incl.
Oral Hygiene incl polishing and sandblasting
60€ or Included
Teeth Bleaching-Philips ZOOM!WhiteSpeed 400€
Local Anesthesia Incl.
White Composite fillings60€
Extraction per tooth 60€
Core build up with fiber glass post80€
Root canal Treatment per canal100€
Porcelain eMax Inlays/Onlays300€
Porcelain eMax Crowns/Veneers 400€
All Temporary Crowns Incl.
Porcelain Fused on Zirconium500€
Full Contour Zirconium450€
all Grade 5 Titanium AlphaBio 700€
Frialit/ Xive800€
Nobel Pharma1000€
All Implants are inclusive Abutments
and provisional restorations
Bone Grafting/ Augmentation 250€+mat cost
Ultrasonic Bone splitting incl graft mat 250€
Sinuslift+mat cost250€
Dentures per jaw800€
with metal reinforcement900€
with 2 extra implant attachment 1000€
Special “All on 4” reinforced Hybrid Bridge 2000€
Package Budget Prices
* 12-14 eMax Crowns per Jaw All inclusive 8800€
* “All on 4” Protocols
Inclusive Extractions and Bone remodelling
Inclusive provisionals and
Inclusive Fixed Screwed hybrid Bridge
Nobel Biocare Implants
Alpha Bio Implants6600€
with Screwed Full contour Zirconium
bridge, style Prettau AlphaBio
Nobel Biocare Implants9000€
“All on 6” cases implement 2 extra implants
AlphaBio600€ per two
all other Brands/USA 1000€ per two
Computer Guided Implant Planning and placement with surgical guide 500 Euro
Juvederm Dermal Filler Lip augmentation600 Euro
Juvederm Dermal Fillers Lip plus wrinkles around the mouth1200 Euro
Botox(Allergan)60 per area
Gummy Smile Gum Correction250 Euro