Implant Dentistry

In Creemers Dental Studio Glyfada and Corfu we have over 30 years experience in the field of Implant Dentistry.

A dental implant is a perfect way of replacing missing teeth. It is made of purest Titanium and is placed into your jawbone and is topped by an artificial tooth. The crown of your dental implant will be almost indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth, and will work like a normal tooth - making implants a very attractive, long-term solution.

Implants also correct chewing abilities, as well as speech and aesthetic problems.

Implants feel Natural and look Natural


Made out of titanium, grade 5, means they are bio compatible for the human body and well accepted without inflammation or rejection. Implants have the shape of a natural root and are gently screwed into the jawbone under local anesthesia. This is considered to be micro surgery and does not create any damage to the patient.

Through years of experience with implants, we can state that in most cases just a slight postoperative swelling occurs. This may happen the day after the operation, but most of our patients have declared that on the second day they are not in need of painkillers any more.

All implants are placed under antibiotic administration as well as anti inflammatory medicine. It is not considered to be heavy medication and serves as an extra booster protection as we invade in the body tissue.

Every patient is thoroughly examined in order to determine if they are a suitable candidate for dental implants. Medical conditions such as Diabetes, if well controlled,as well as Heart problems when treated like stents etc are not a problem. Patients are advised to contact their local doctor to inform them and when needed we will get in contact with them.

Implants have a worldwide success rate of over 95 % and that rate counts for every single implant placement.

Dental implants are a very attractive and longterm solution.

Dental Creemers Center also guarantees to replace lost implants if necessary without extra expenses. A Single implant replaces a tooth after extraction or when a tooth is missing. Multiple Implants are carried out when many teeth are missing.

Further treatments as Bone grafting are carried out when there is not sufficient bone present for implant placements. A Sinus lift or Sinus elevation is carried out to create new bone in the upper jaw.

In most cases Implants can be loaded immediately. This means we can place the crowns on top of them: Teeth in one Day.

When bone conditions do not allow immediate loading or bone hardness is not enough, we place the implants ,but leave them without prosthetic provisions to let them rest in the bone and heal in the bone for an average of 2-4 months.

Then crowns or bridges are placed on top of these implants and offer a immovable stable aesthetic solution for a beautiful smile and a restored chewing ability.

Not every missing tooth has to be replaced by an implant. In earlier years we wanted 8 to 10 implants per jaw to place a fixed total bridge on top. Nowadays we have not only better Implants, but also better techniques that do not demand so many implant supports any more.

The former “more is Better” became “less is Better”.
And last but not least less implants means also less costs and less complications.

In a special way just 4 implant are placed in a strategic position and with specific techniques in upper as well as lower jaw and on top of them a fixed prosthetic construction is placed instantly with highly aesthetic results.

This allows the patient to eat, drink, smile and speak with confidence and have a beautiful smile again and finally throw away these loose dentures.

Special experience is demanded from the dental surgeon.

Creemers dental Team is highly qualified, having years of experience.

All on 4 is done in one session and with the latest technology can be done with computer guided surgery and

  • is faster (often within one hour)

  • no gum incisions necessary

  • no bleeding

  • no swelling

  • no pain

  • cheaper

Computer Guided Surgery Means that with the CBCT scan the implants are preplanned with special software in the computer and a splint is designed and fabricated. This splints are placed over the gums.

Exactly where the implants are planned, these splints have special guiding holes in the exact diameter of the drills, which means that the drills are simply guided from these sleeves to the exact direction and depth in the bone. The implants placed in this way are considered to be totally accurate and also are considered more precise than the hands of a very experienced dental surgeon even can place. Safety first and last.

All on 4

This Protocol has been invented by dentists about 10 years ago and became the standard solution for patients, who have not enough bone or want to spend less money.

Patients, who have widened maxillary sinuses (Air chambers in the upper jaw) that do not permit placement of implants and reduced bone in the lower jaw with the mental nerve to be an obstruction for placing implants. This frequently happens to patients, who are edentulous for a long time and who wear for a lot of years removable dentures, which cause the bone to shrink sometimes severely.

In these situations we can do the ‘All on 4’ protocols. On top of the 4 implants we screw a hybrid bridge that is long lasting and highly aesthetic.
An alternative is the so called Prettau style bridge made of full zirconium that is unbreakable.
An example of a full zirconium bridge ‘All on 6’:

Creemers Dental Team are always up to date with the newest dental technologies and want to provide Modern Dentistry at reasonable, affordable prices. We care for the well being of the patient.